Karan Mckerrow – West Norfolk Autism Group (WNAG)

Karan 1Describe your business services?

We organize activities for local autistic people and their families.

Who is your target client?

Autistic people, but also people who can help fundraise for us as we are unpaid volunteers who don’t receive any government funding; therefore, we rely on donations and fundraisers.

What is the benefit of using your business?

Everyone knows someone who is autistic. Our autistic members and their families benefit, as do the public who may wish to know more about autism.

Why did you choose this business?

We wanted to focus on local need, so we set it up.

What three words best describe you?

Conscientious, compassionate, proactive.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Tiramisu or the lemon equivalent (jubilee pudding)!

If you could offer one bit of advice to start-up businesses, what would it be?

Be determined even if you face setbacks; adapt according to circumstance.

How do we get hold of you?

Address: 5 Kent Drive, Watlington, PE33 0EZ
Tel: 01553 409855
Mob: 07983 225919
Email: karanmckerrow@sky.com (personal), hello@westnorfolkautismgroup.org.uk.
Website: www.westnorfolkautismgroup.org.uk
Social media: Autism West Norfolk on Facebook