Sarah Dennis – Image Consultant

Sarah Dennis headshotDescribe your business services?

I offer colour and style consultations, wardrobe assessments and personal shopping to both men and women of all adult ages. I also do taster talks for either larger women’s groups such as WI’s and for smaller groups of friends to give them an introduction to what I do and the importance of image and impact.

Who is your target client?

Anyone over the age of 18! The same image principles apply to both men and women. However, my clients are mostly women who are either looking for some guidance, reassurance that they have got it right or have been through a life event that has cause to make them re-evaluate how they look and feel about themselves.

What is the benefit of using your business/service/product?

The three main benefits of knowing your styles and colours are:

• Visual – you will look amazing!

• Emotional – you look good, so you feel good – this in turn boosts your confidence and self esteem

• Economic – absolutely no more wasting money on clothes you will never wear!

Why did you choose this business?

I have always loved clothes, fashion and make up and was fascinated by the way a good (or not so good) colour can make your face, skin and eyes look so different. Also the way a person’s body language and posture changed when they wore something that was absolutely perfect for them. I wanted to know what was behind this.

What 3 words best describe you?

• Approachable

• Loyal

• Considerate

What is your favourite sweet treat?

Orange and Lime Tic Tacs!

If you could offer 1 bit of advice to start-up businesses what would it be?

You are your best advert.

How do we get hold of you?

Address: Downham Market, Norfolk

Tel: (01366) 388259

Mob: 07592 694954


Social Media:

Instagram – @sarahdennisimage

Pinterest – sarahdennisimage

Twitter – @sarahdimage

Facebook – @sarahdennisimage