Nichola Freer – Nichola Freer HR Solutions

Nichola-FreerDescribe your business services?

I provide a full range of HR services to businesses with either no HR department themselves, or where their HR department requires extra support / project to manage. Businesses can use my services for a one off situation or project, or more frequently as their regular HR department.

Who is your target client?

SME’s and start-ups

What is the benefit of using your business/service/product?

To ensure businesses are fulfilling their legal obligations towards their employees. Also by having fit for purpose policies and processes in place, will support positive employee engagement and commitment to their employer and ultimately increase the bottom line! My support will help business owners and managers gain confidence when managing their employees in the right manner, which will also reduce the risk of any employment tribunal.

Why did you choose this business?

HR has been my profession for 29 years. I have gained much of my experience in large corporates such as Tesco and the Co-operative Group, however I have also worked with much smaller businesses. Human capitol is the most expensive investment to a business. My role in HR is to help business owners get the best ROI from their people.

What 3 words best describe you?


What is your favourite sweet treat?

Strawberry Daiquiri

If you could offer 1 bit of advice to start-up businesses what would it be?

Enlist the support of a professional like me to help you to set up the essentials in terms of your employees. Whilst internet searches can come up with an answer to anything you are looking for, is it correct? Reflective of UK law? Up to date? And so on. A mistake made by downloading an incorrect document template or following out of date advice could cost you dearly at an employment tribunal …. even if you only have 1 employee.

How do we get hold of you?

Address: 192 Salts Road, West Walton PE14 7ED
Mob: 07523960915