Milee Brambleby – Commonsense Services

Describe your business services?

Workplace Mediation, team facilitation, 121 coaching and communication skills/ conflict management skills development workshops

Who is your target client?

Organisations with between 50 and 2500 employees

HR practitioners, Change Managers and Learning and Development specialists

What is the benefit of using your business/service/product?

Everyone of us will need to navigate conflict at work – it is a normal part of life. If we can manage conflict with skill and confidence we will reap benefits in terms of creativity, productivity and resilience. On the other hand, poorly managed conflict saps productivity, erodes team morale and can increase staff turnover and stress related absence.

Why did you choose this business?

I spent over 20 years in corporate life managing change and leading people and found that I had a skill for helping teams and individuals move quickly through conflict to resolution. Having trained and practised as a workplace mediator I became determined to help others acquire the skills. I see effective conflict management as the essence of great people management.

What 3 words best describe you?

Short, warm, optimistic

What is your favourite sweet treat?

A digestive biscuit.

If you could offer 1 bit of advice to start-up businesses what would it be?

Don’t confuse what you want to do with what your potential customers want to buy!

How do we get hold of you?

Address: 9 Riverside Close, Norwich NR6 5AU

Tel: 01603 419007

Mob: 07468 570471



Twitter : @commonsensesvc