Daska Davis – Chapel Road Creative

ChapelRoadCreativeDescribe your business services?

Full service marketing agency

Who is your target client?

Marketing directors

What is the benefit of using your business/service/product?

Establish and build your brand recognition to attract and retain customers.

Why did you choose this business?

I’ve been involved in branding, content and marketing my entire working life!

What 3 words best describe you?

Tenacious, hard-working and fun!

What is your favourite sweet treat?

Lemon meringue pie.

If you could offer 1 bit of advice to start-up businesses what would it be?

Think about the image you want to project to customers, and then make sure every touchpoint they have with you is consistent.

How do we get hold of you?

Address: 54 Westgate, Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 5EL

Tel: 01485 533064

Mob: 07803 205719

Email: daska@chapelroadcreative.co.uk


Twitter – @Chapel_Road

Facebook – @ChapelRoadCreative

Instagram – chapelroadcreative